Gallery Wall

4 Steps to Creating a Beautiful Gallery Wall

When we moved into our house a couple years ago, we designed one of the rooms in the basement as my office (I work from home). I wanted a dedicated space where I could go to focus on work, but I also wanted it to be a space that I loved.

One of the first decor decisions that I made for my office was to do a gallery wall. My desk is positioned facing a large wall (sounds awful, but it’s also facing the door, with a window to my left). Because it’s the largest wall in the room, I wanted to have something there that was visually appealing, that I would enjoy looking at for 8+ hours a day.

I get inspiration from a lot of places. It can be from what I see in magazines, all the great designer and home décor people that I follow on Instagram, and Pinterest, of course. But sometimes you see something somewhere that is unexpected, and it just speaks to you. The particular inspiration for this gallery wall came from, Kate Spade. I am sure almost everyone is familiar with Kate Spade and her iconic style. I mean, I LOVE everything that she does! 

I was in Florida visiting my parents, and one thing that is always on the to do list is visit the outlets, in particular, the Kate Spade outlet. Side Note: If you haven’t been to a Kate Spade Outlet store, do yourself a favor and go if you ever get the chance. The deals there are really amazing (especially the jewelry)! 

What caught my eye though, was the gorgeous gallery wall in the Kate Spade store.

Gallery Wall
Kate Spade Inspiration Gallery Wall

I mean, don’t you just love everything about this? I love the mix of bright images, inspirational and fun words, and the pop of white frames on a bright color. After I saw this, I started thinking of how I could replicate a similar look/feel in my office, but personalized for me. (My wall color was even similar). 

Here are a few of the steps that I took to determine how to proceed with the gallery wall, that you can do for yours too:

1.      Decide on Types of Picture Frames: I knew that I wanted all white to pop against the Sherwin Williams color of the wall. I decided to go with a mix of sizes and styles for visual interest. (I do also like the consistent look of all the same size white frames and I may try something like that somewhere else in my home)

Here’s a closer picture of the wall color with some of the white frames:

gallery wall
Example of multiple white frames

2.      Decide on Images: I knew I wanted a mix of family photos and other graphic elements. So, I picked a few of my favorite pictures of my kids, some from our professional photo shoot, some from our vacations. For a few of them, I used an App called “Waterlogue” to turn the image into a water color. I love this affect. It brings a different dimension to the wall instead of having all photos, but I still get to highlight my family memories.

Here’s an example of the before and after of one of the pictures using the waterlogue app:

gallery wall
Original Image Before
Watercolor App
Image After Using Waterlogue App

3.      Other Graphic Elements: As I’ve mentioned before, I am not a big DIYer. One super easy thing that I did in a couple of the smaller frames was to find gift-wrap in graphic, colorful prints and used those in two of the smaller frames. You could also do this with any fabric, or wall-paper samples. Super easy!

Graphic wallpaper art gallery wall
Graphic wrapping paper art
DIY wallpaper gallery wall
Another example of wallpaper as art

4.      I also wanted some elements that weren’t in frames. I knew that I wanted the initial “P” for my last name. The one that I used was from Pottery Barn, but I’ve also seen a lot of great letters at Hobby Lobby lately. And, the prices for those can’t be beat (especially when they’re 50% off). I thought it would also be good to have an inspirational message. I found this one, “Set Your Own Path”, at HomeGoods. They usually have these types of messages in a variety of frames. 

Homegoods picture
Inspirational Message

I found these cool gold lips at this Etsy shop. I just added it this to a white frame to remain consistent. 

gallery wall
Unique, fun prints make a statement

So, once I had all of the elements, I would love to tell you that I precisely measured out each piece and created a template etc, etc. Really, all that I did was lay out each piece on the floor to get a general idea of how I wanted to arrange them based on size and mixing up the pictures/frames and the other elements. I did pay attention to the outer edges to make sure that I would cover the space on the wall.

Then, I started putting up one piece at a time, starting on one side. I did have to adjust a couple after I had them up. I just eyeballed the spaces in between, trying to make them consistent. This is easier when your pictures and objects don’t need to line up perfectly. I wasn’t kidding in my introduction post,  when I said that I am not a DIYer, and that I really don’t even like hanging pictures. But, I did it, and I love the result.

Here is a final view of the gallery wall that I see every day in my office!

Gallery Wall
Completed Gallery Wall

I love that, now, if I want to change a picture, or graphic element, I can easily do so.  

You really can’t go wrong doing a gallery wall. Anything goes. And, the best part is if you don’t like it, you can easily change one element without messing up the rest.

I hope this gave you some ideas for your own gallery walls. Let me know what questions you have!