How to organize a linen closet using baskets

How to Organize 5 Spaces in 5 Days – Part II

When I came up with this organizing challenge, to organize five spaces in five days, all in under 30 minutes each, my main goal was to hold myself accountable, to actually get 5 spaces organized in less than a week. I knew that if I put it out there on Instagram, and said that I was going to share the progress daily, that I would actually do it, and I did!

My second goal, and the most important was that I hoped by doing this challenge, and sharing the results, that I would inspire others to do the same, or at least to organize even one space.

And, I was so happy that so many people replied to my posts and said that I had inspired them to get organized too.

I shared my first two spaces, the homework room, and my shoes and handbags, in this post, in case you missed them.

The next three spaces were my clothes in my master closet (my husband and I have two separate closets – game changer!), my drawers and cabinet in my bathroom, and my kids linen closet.

Here is the recap of those three spaces:

Master Closet – Clothes

I realized recently that I had so many clothes in my closet that I don’t wear. Do you do that? Wear the same group of clothes and neglect the rest? Yet, when it comes to getting rid of them, we often think, “I might wear it someday….”, but someday never comes. So, in doing this purge, I tried to be ruthless in getting rid of those clothes that I hadn’t worn in so long. I ended up with 2 full bags to donate to Goodwill.

Here’s a look at what it looked like before:

How to organize your master closet
Master Closet Organization – Before

It’s not horrible, and I usually keep it pretty neat, however, the clothes are just jammed in. When the seasons changed from Winter to Spring/Summer, I didn’t take out all of the warm weather clothes, but I did remove some of the bulkier sweaters and wraps. What is still here are light sweaters and light long sleeved shirts that I can sometimes still wear on the cooler Michigan nights.

My goal here was to remove clothes that I haven’t worn in the last year. I got rid of some old suits (I work from home so I don’t have a need to wear suits anymore), and I got rid of a lot of jeans that I never wear. I did keep some that I haven’t worn, that I frankly forgot about. And I tried to organize by color too.

Here’s the after:

How to organize your master closet, color code and streamline your wardrobe
Master Closet Organization – After

It may be a little difficult to tell, but there is a ton more space between the clothes now since I got rid of two whole bags of clothes. To see how I organized my shoes and handbags in this closet, see my previous post.

Master Bathroom – 3 Drawers and Lower Cabinet

Whose bathroom drawers are not a hot mess? If yours aren’t, kudos to you! Mine had become so cluttered that I actually had a hard time getting one of them to close. I would have to shimmy stuff around to get it just right so the drawer would close. It was definitely time for some organization!

Brace yourself, here is the before, in all it’s messy glory! I organized 3 drawers and a cabinet. I will show the before of each followed by the after so you can see just how big of a difference the organization made.

How to organize your master bathroom
Master Bath Organization – Lower Cabinet Before


How to organize your master bathroom cabinets
Master Bath Organization – Lower Cabinet After

A few key things that I would recommend for organizing bathroom drawers/cabinets:

  1. Relocate items to where you will actually use them – like body scrubs in the shower
  2. Move things you don’t use on a daily bass to another location – like travel bags and toiletries
  3. Throw away (or donate) things that are outdated or your are never going to use

The result is a much neater, organized space. I can actually get to everything to actually use it now.

Drawer #1 (and the drawer that I use the most):


How to organize your bathroom drawers in less than 30 minutes
Drawer #1 Before (Eeekkkk!!!!!)


My goal for this drawer was to only keep things that I use on a daily basis. Here are a few things you can do to get your bathroom drawers organized:

  1. First, group like items together, to see if those things you don’t use regularly could be moved to a different location (like cleansing masques)
  2. Purge the outdated, almost gone lotions, and things you have forgotten about
  3. Purchase drawer organizers (these are from Target) to keep everything in its place

I am loving how organized and de-cluttered it is!

Drawer #2


How to organize your master bath in under 30 minutes
Drawer #2 Before


How to organize your master bath drawers in under 30 minutes
Drawer #2 After

Here again, I was ruthless in what I decided to keep. I kept only the things that I thought I would use. I relocated a few things to other places, but got rid of A LOT of things that I didn’t need (samples, old makeup, lip gloss that I didn’t like etc).

I did give a few things to my 4 year old daughter and she was thrilled. It’s kind of fun being able to pass on that stuff that you don’t need but that will make them so happy (headbands, mini lip gloss etc).

Drawer #3


How to organize your bathroom drawers in under 30 minutes
Drawer #3 Before


How to organize your master bath in under 30 minutes
Drawer #3

This drawer was previously the catchall for stuff that I didn’t know what to do with. So, when I went through it, I either found a new home for it, or got rid of it.

I could not be more pleased with how these drawers turned out. Let’s just hope that I can keep them this way! This organization of all 3 drawers and one cabinet did take a little longer than my self-imposed time limit of 30 minutes, but it was worth it!

Kids Linen Closet 

The last space that I took on was the kids linen closet. This is a small closet, and actually the only linen closet in our house. When we were building our house, we forgot to specifically ask about the linen closet (and just assumed there was one). When we were walking through the house when the walls were going up, we realized the only (small) linen closet was the one in the kids bathroom! Ugh. So, a lot of our linen closet type stuff is in our laundry room, where we have some large open shelves.

So, the kids linen closet was mostly used for their stuff.

Here’s the before:

How to organize a linen closet
Kids Linen Closet Before

And…. the after….

How to organize a linen closet using baskets
Kids Linen Closet After

What I recommend for linen closet organization is (besides the obvious of putting everything in a basket!):

  1. Purge all the out of date medicine – I had some “infant” medicine (my kids are 4 and 6)
  2. Organize like things into plastic containers with tops, and then put into baskets (and have all the basket coordinate – these aren’t exactly the same, but I figured, close enough)
  3. Add an additional basket to the floor space to add towels – now I have access to washcloths that I used to have to walk into the laundry room to get when my kids were taking a bath

That’s it! Five spaces, in five days, for 30 (ish) minutes each! I would love to hear what spaces you are organizing, or want to organize. Let me know if you have any questions!

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  1. Laura, you have some great organizing tips! Organizing again, is on my to do list this fall. I have a small home and my closets are even smaller! I need more baskets! lol! Great post!

    1. Maria, thank you for reading! Good luck with your organizing. It’s something that we all want to do, but it always seems to get pushed down the list. But, it feels so great once it’s organized. Let me know what you organize!

  2. So many great organizing tips!! Now that my little ones are back in school, I really need to get organized!! Thank you for the inspiration! And, thank you for linking up to wonderful Wednesday blog hop!!!

    1. Thanks Emily! I am loving having these spaces organized. Let me know what spaces you tackle! Good luck! Thanks for having me on the blog hop!

  3. Finally finding time to come over and read your organization! I love your ideas and how you make things happen. I love reading your projects on organizing. I am one loves having some sort of being organized in my home. This is a great blog Laura. So happy you shared it with all of us!

    1. Thank you so much Terrie. I still have lots of spaces that could use some organizing, but it was fun to challenge myself to get several spots done in one week. I am loving the organization!

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