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I am excited to join a talented group of bloggers for a Fall Décor Challenge. The challenge was to buy décor on clearance, from any store of your choice, without spending more than $15, and then share how we’ve all styled the items.

I will break down the items that I purchased, and how I styled them.

I don’t know if everyone goes to this store for seasonal décor and I’m just late to the game, or if they’ve just upped their game on seasonal décor lately, but I have found some great Fall décor this season at JoAnn’s (I guess they don’t call it Joann Fabrics anymore?). That’s probably the reason that I haven’t gone there much before, because I thought of it as just a fabric store. It is so much more than that now! (note: this post is not sponsored).

Not only do they have cute décor, but they have had amazing deals, all throughout this season. Some stores only have 25% off seasonal décor now, but Joann has had sales between 50%-70% off, and they let you stack other savings coupons on top of that.

Here are the savings that I took advantage of for this challenge from World Market, and JoAnn.

World Market Clearance

JoAnn Clearance TagJoAnn Coupon

Tip: They only let you use the coupons from within their app, so you will need to download that to take advantage of the additional coupon.

Here’s a breakdown of the items that I bought on clearance – look at these savings!

Item #1: Owl – I spray painted this owl Rose Gold with some spray paint that I already had (it was plain white when I bought it).

JoAnn Owl Fall Decor

Source: JoAnn

Original Price: $19.99

Clearance price (60% off, plus 20% off coupon) = $6.39

Item #2: Navy blue velvet pumpkin

Navy Blue Pumpkin Fall Decor

Source: JoAnn’s

Original Price: $7.99

Clearance price (60% off, plus 20% off coupon) =$2.55

Item #3: Birch bark candle holder

Fall Candle Holder

Source: JoAnn’s

Original Price: $12.99

Clearance Price: (70% off, plus 20% off coupon) = $3.11

Item# 4: Black spider vase

World Market Bug Vase

Source: World Market

Clearance Price: (50% off, plus 30% off with Member Discount) = $2.79 each.

Total for all items: $14.84

Here is a look at how I styled these items, along with some other décor that I already had.

Fall Clearance Vignette

I included a few things in the vignette that I already had to finish the vignette. I used the gold tray to ground the vignette. I also spray painted some branches from the yard to add to the spider vase, used a fall candle in the birch bark candle holder and added some candy corn to add some interest and texture. The white spider sign is from HomeGoods and was only $3.99. (another great source for low cost seasonal décor!)

I hope you enjoyed reading how I put this vignette together using clearance items that totaled only $15.

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Hope you enjoy the tour!

Thanks for reading.



18 thoughts on “Bloggers Seasonal Clearance Challenge”

  1. What great finds! I am in love with that owl and that velvet pumpkin. You tray vignette is so pretty. I love how you arranged it. I had a great time working with you Laura. As always it was a lot of fun!

  2. Laura, this is so good. Why didn’t I go to the one store that I have been loving all season? JoAnn! And I am not being paid by them either. $3 velvet pumpkins? What? Love all the things you found and the way you styled them. I may have to re-take my challenge! 🙂

    1. Hi Susan, Yes, that would have been a great place to go. I recently discovered JoAnn as a source for Décor! I have been missing out for a while! You should go check it out!

    1. Thank you Emily! I have recently taken to spray-painting things. I am not a DIYer, but even I can handle that! Up next, some picture frames that I just bought at IKEA!

    1. Hi Tara, Thanks! I saw those velvet pumpkins there before and when I went back, I figured they would add some good texture and color to my vignette. Yes, this was a fun challenge!

  3. A little bit classy, a little bit cute, and a little bit scary! The owl is a hoot! Seriously, he looks very serious. 🙂 I just love that you can pull all kinds of things together on a tray and you have an instant vignette.

    1. Thank you Stacey! This challenge was so fun. It’s great finding deals, and then, like you said, arranging for a cute vignette. I have recently fallen in love with spray painting. I even spray painted some branches from my yard!

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