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How to Create a Halloween Kids Craft Party

I have teamed up with some talented bloggers to bring you our Fall/Halloween Table Scape Blog Hop! Their links are at the bottom of this post. For my table scape, I am going to share my Kids Craft Party Table.

I love experiencing Halloween through the eyes of kids. Their love for the costumes, pumpkin carving, and of course the candy, helps make Halloween so much fun. I have never been a huge fan of Halloween, and I don’t particularly like dressing up myself, but doing things for the kids makes it more fun.

One of my favorite things to do around Halloween is to host a “Kids Halloween Craft Night”. It’s an excuse to get together with friends, share some good food, and drinks. And the kids have fun doing the crafts and being creative.

Halloween Kids Craft Night

There are a few ways that you could approach a kids craft night. You could go all out and come up with some super creative crafts for the kids to do (this entails spending a lot of time on Pinterest). Or, like me, you can approach it with the goal of keeping everything easy, yet fun! You also need to keep in mind the ability level (age) of the kids. In my case, they range in age from 4-7, so keeping it easy is key!

Step 1:

Pick one spot to do the crafts, and set up the table and all the crafts ahead of time. I like to put all of the crafts into a Halloween bucket, and let the kids choose what they want to do first. Having crafts that don’t require a lot of explanation is key. And then the kids can take the bucket home, with all their crafts inside! Win Win!

Here are the crafts assembled ahead of time:

Halloween Kids Craft Night

And, here are a few views of the craft table all set up, ready for the kids!

Kids Halloween Craft NightHalloween Kids Craft PartyHalloween Kids Craft Party

Here is a breakdown of the easy crafts (hint: the Target dollar spot was my best friend!)


  • Charlie Brown Halloween wood figures to paint (Target)

Charlie Brown Halloween Crafts


  • Halloween themed stickers, some markers, pumpkin shaped paper, and felt pumpkins and let the kids create (Target)

Halloween sticker crafts

Pumpkin Face Stickers

Add some nostalgia!

  • Who remembers shrinky dinks??? I used to love these as a kid, so when I found Halloween themed shrinky dinks, I knew we had to try them. I love passing on my childhood traditions to my kids. (If you’re not familiar, you color the plastic shapes with the markers, then put them in the oven and they shrink up and harden).

Shrinky Dinks Crafts

  • Throw an easy game in the mix: Halloween Bingo. You can have one of the older kids run this easy game.

Halloween Bingo

Step 2: Yummy Food

You could go all out and “Pinterest” it up with funny and clever Halloween themed food, but let’s be honest, who has time for that! I went with some easy apps, and some old favorites. I did add a little Halloween theme to the desserts though.

Here’s a pic of the food spread:

Halloween Party Food

For the adults:

Easy apps included, hummus with veggies, Flatbread pizzas, cheese, crackers and salami platter, salmon dip, and boneless wings.

For the kids:

I used Fall themed cookie cutters with pizza dough and topped with pizza sauce and cheese. These were a big hit with the kids. Our friend brought fruit in a cup, with whip cream, layered to look like a candy corn – How Cute!

Candy Corn Fruit Cups

And some more snacks around for munching (popcorn, goldfish pretzels, candy corn):

Halloween Party Snacks

You can’t have a party without desserts, and drinks of course. I went the super easy route and bought Halloween cookies (because I just ran out of time)! Our sweet neighbor (8 years old) made these marshmallow dips – yummo! and a big hit with all the kids!

Halloween Drinks and DessertsHalloween Desserts

Goodies to take home:

You can’t really have a Halloween craft party without caramel apples. I made these ahead of time with an easy kit (literally just heat the caramel, dip the apples, dip in sprinkles and cool).

Halloween Caramel Apples

Step 3: Have Fun!

Here are some of my favorite pics from the party! I hope this gave you some ideas for how to throw an easy, laid back party that the kids and adults can all enjoy!

Halloween Kids Craft NightKids Halloween Crafts

Another fun tradition in our family is of course, carving the pumpkin. I thought I would share a few pics of that here. I have mixed feelings about this because, our kids are still young, and their attention span for this activity is very short. So, my husband and I end up pretty much carving it by ourselves. But, they do like the beginning (scraping out the pumpkin) and the end result, so it’s worth it.

Here are a few pics (we are no experts!)

Carving PumpkinsJack o LanternPumpkin Carving

Phew! If you are still with me, thanks for reading! Now, head on over to my friends blogs (links below) to check out some great Fall/Halloween tablescapes! They have some seriously inspiring tables!

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Happy Halloween!



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    1. Thank you Susan! It was really fun. Everyone had a great time! I almost like that more than Halloween Trick-or-Treating!

    1. Thank you so much Sondra! We had such a great time. Hopefully creating great memories that our kids will cherish!

  1. Laura, I am in love with this whole craft party. You created a great night for the kids. Such a great time to share with them. I love the whole set up you shared. ~Terrie

    1. Thank you NJ! Yes, the apples were a big hit! The kids had a great time discovering what was in their buckets! And, the crafts kept them busy for a while!

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