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Four Tips for Easy Christmas Decor

If you are like most of us, the holiday season can be so hectic. Not only are you doing your normal busy life things, but add on top of that all the holiday festivities, activities with kids, parties, extra cooking, gatherings, and of course, the decorating!

I  have partnered with a group of talented home décor bloggers to share our Christmas décor in the hopes that it can provide you some inspiration and maybe make you feel less stressed about decorating. You’ll find their links at the bottom of this post, so don’t forget to go check them out!

My philosophy about decorating for the holidays is that it should be as easy as possible. Today, I want to share with you four ways to easily add festive décor, without breaking the bank.

Holiday Decorating Idea #1: Vignettes with Ornaments!

Ornaments aren’t just for trees. I love to add clusters of ornaments to add sparkle and a festive feel. Here, I used my dough bowl, and filled it with ornaments. I love the impact of a collection of ornaments, and the sparkle too. I also included some natural elements (cotton stems and pine cones).

Decorate your dough bowl for Christmas

Here’s another example of using similar colored ornaments to make an impact. Here I simply removed the candle from these lanterns, and filled them with blue and silver ornaments. This maybe took me 10 minutes, and I used ornaments that I already had!

Lantern with ornaments

And I had some extra so I added them to a galvanized bin….

Using ornaments for porch decor

Tip #1: When grouping ornaments, pick one color theme and mix in variations of the same color. 

Holiday Decorating Idea #2: Easy Dining Room Décor 

In the dining room, I wanted to keep the décor somewhat simple.

Here, I added a few cement/neutral trees on the table to add a little height. I then layered in some large gold ornaments, and finished it with some real greenery. I did place settings with my spode Christmas China. This china has been in my family since I was a kid, and my Mom passed it down to me when they downsized. Now, I use it for every Christmas. It reminds me of my childhood. I love it!

Holiday Dining Table Scape

Then, in other areas of the dining room, I added Christmas décor using touches of gold and natural elements. Here is how I styled the bar cart. I added gold trees and glasses to go with the gold ornaments on the table, and then added some festive Christmas trees to the bottom shelf (trees from target, $5!)

Style your bar cart

Tip#2: Use what you have to create your tablescape, especially if you have fresh greens that you can bring in from outside (or from leftover trimmings from your Christmas tree).

Holiday Decorating Idea #3: Decorating with Wreaths

Wreaths are a great way to add instant holiday décor, and they are very affordable.

A great place to add them is above windows. For a big impact, add multiple if you have several windows next to each other. They look festive from the outside too!

Adding faux wreaths to windows

Another great  place to add a wreath is above internal doors. Here, I added them above our barn doors. Again, this is something that takes just minutes to do. A little fluffing of the wreath, hang it on a hanger, and you’re good to go.

Style your barn door

And, of course, the Front door is always a good place to hang a wreath. Here, I have a real wreath. My son sold these wreaths for cub scouts, so it was a good excuse to support him, and display a beautiful wreath.

Front door wreath

I had a different faux wreath that I’ve displayed on our front door in the past, so I decided to put it above our slider. It adds another festive feel to the kitchen!

How to display wreaths

Tip #3: Buy mostly faux wreaths so you can use them year after year.

Holiday Decorating Idea #4: You Can Never Have too Many Christmas Trees

There is always a big debate about what is best, real tree vs. faux trees. I say, whatever works for you is the best way! Everyone has a different philosophy and different reasons for their choices. Whatever makes you happy is what you should do. Here is what we do:

We always buy one real tree. I had a real tree growing up, so it’s a must for me to continue that tradition and to pass it on to my kids. I also have grown to like faux trees too, so I also have a couple, slightly smaller faux trees too. And then of course, too many small trees to count (they are so affordable at places like Target, Hobby Lobby, Walmart etc).

We are just now getting our real tree, because I didn’t want it to dry out by Christmas if we got it too early, and well, because we’ve been busy, so I will show you that tree in another post.

Here are a few of the other trees that we have around our house:

White Tree:

I decorated this one with all gold ornaments. I had to replace our previous white tree this year. The old one had turned yellow and most of the lights didn’t work. This one is from Walmart, for $35. I decided to display it in this basket. It was a little difficult to get it to stand up because I couldn’t use the stands that it came with and have it fit in the basket. I wrapped towels around it to get it stable. It took some doing, but I think it’s good now. I may add some more gold ornaments, but I think it looks good for now!

White and Gold Tree

Bottle Brush Trees:

One area that you can take more chances with color is in the kids rooms. To add some pops of color, I added a forest of bottle brush trees in my daughter’s room. I liked them so much that I added some to our guest room to make it feel festive. These trees are very inexpensive (from Target dollar spot or Walmart).

Bottle brush tree forest

Bottle brush trees

Flocked Trees:

This is my first year adding flocked trees. I have one skinny tall tree, and many many of the table top trees. It’s so easy to add a flocked tree to a shelf. Instant décor!  I will share a few of my favorites here.

Flocked tree

Flocked tree

Flocked tree and Joy Sign

Flocked tree

Can you spot another little flocked tree on the shelf? I should do a whole post on where I put these little trees all over my house!

Tip #4: Adding simple, bare trees, adds greenery and a festive spirit. And, you can never go wrong with twinkle lights!

I hope you’ve enjoyed these easy Christmas décor ideas. I would love to hear your favorite way to decorate for the holidays.

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Happy decorating!



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